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Rockler Mixing Mate® Paint Lid

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Rockler Mixing Mate® Paint Lid




Rocklers new Mixing Mate® comes in two sizes, a quart size and a gallon size. We have been testing this tool for about 6 months and found that they do a superior job of mixing finishes or paints. One of the best features of the Mixing Mate® is that it makes gassing your finishes with inert gas or propane a snap. In our tests the seal remained airtight and the finishes have lasted up to 6 months without degradation of the finish. Using the Mixing Mate® could not be simpler. You open your new can of finish and insert the Mixing Mate®, then simply engage the tool-free cam clamps and you have an air tight canister. We used the gallon sized Mixing Mate® on several finishes including latex paint, varnish, shellac, and polyurethane. In order to mix the finish we simply cranked the handle for about a minute the finishes were all very well mixed from bottom to top.

The Mixing Mate® is made of a non-stick plastic which makes it completely compatible with water-borne finishes and latex paints, as well as solvent based finishes. It also disassembles for easy cleaning. I found this tool to be a bit addictive, once you have one youre going to decide you need 10 more NEW SOCIAL GAMING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION TAKES SHAPEWith social casino online gaming extremely popular, two industry groups have made the decision to become listed on forces to be able to better represent the requirements of this flourishing sector. as it makes storing finishes childs play. One other feature I loved about the Mixing Mate® is gassing your finishes to keep oxygen off the top. I purchased Bloxygen from Rockler and simply opened the poor spout a tiny bit and sprayed it in. The finish we tested has lasted 6 months and was still ready to go each time we used it. Available for 15 and 20 dollars each for the quart and gallon size Mixing Mates® they are not so spendy that you cant buy one for each of your favorite finishes. We currently have a dozen of these in the shop and feel they have paid for themselves in finishes that have not gone to waste from lids that were not closed or from not gassing and sealing the lids well. The Mixing Mate® performs better than advertised and is a valued tool in our shop. I am sure you will value it in your shop too.

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