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The Micro Jig GRR-Ripper GR-200

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The Micro Jig GRR-Ripper GR-200



A couple of months back I contacted the folks at Micro Jig to discuss all the hype about the GRR‑Rripper. Micro Jig is the company that brought us those cool little splitters for times when you need to take the guard off your saw or want to use a shop made zero clearance insert. We had been hearing a lot of good stuff about the GRR-Ripper, and one guy on a forum wrote that the GRR-Ripper just saved his hand, so we made the inquiry. Most of the tools we test we are by request from the manufacturer but this time we reached out to them first. So they sent us a pair of the GRR-Rippers. When you buy yours after reading my review, be sure to order 2 of this model. Here is why, when you are ripping long boards or using the GRR-Ripper on the jointer or on the band saw you can use one in each hand and pass the work through in a hand over hand motion. This will be demonstrated in the video that will be posted below this review. First the GRR-Ripper is not just a push block; it is a blade guard that keeps your hands away from the blade. So if you want to be safe and you don’t like feather boards the GRR-Ripper is the tool for you. It rips thin strips accurately and consistently, and it adjusts to strips as thin as you would ever need and never complains or wavers. The GRR-Ripper adjusts with its outboard leg to hold your work square to the saw making it the best push casino online pad I have ever used on the jointer insuring no slipping and no chatter. I found the GRR-Ripper was easy to learn and fun to use.

I first started by ripping thin strips for a face trim from some maple and the strips came out perfect. Then I moved to the band saw to re saw some boards for a box I am making which turned out to be a real joy. The handles are very ergonomic and made re sawing a snap. After this I had to split some more boards in half on the table saw and with a quick adjustment of the movable foot and stabilizer off I went. After that I used the GRR-Ripper on the router table. It makes a great small parts holder and I never felt like the stock was in danger of taking off for a flight across the shop. No, the GRR-Ripper lives up to all the hype and is simply the best tool for so many jobs. You can buy a cheaper set of push pads but the GRR-Ripper is so much more. The movable blade guard is a great safety device and you all know how I feel about shop safety. So the GRR-Ripper gets 5 out of 5 stars on my star scale and is a tool I will always keep in the shop. Now I need to get a few more so I can leave them at the machines in the shop where I use them most. I always hoard great tools and the GRR-Ripper is a great tool. I do recommend you buy the GRR-Ripper GR 200 over the 100 because the added features make it a better value. Please watch the video and enjoy the safety of the GRR-Ripper.

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