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Welcome to the Deltagram Archive


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Published from the 1930s through the 1970s. Reissued by This Old Workshop with the kind permission of the Delta Power Equipment Corp. Each issue is filled with historic plans and techniques. In later years the publication went through some changes, most noticeably a new name, Flying Chips were published when the Delta Tool Company was sold to a new owner Rockwell. So you are invited to experience what woodworking was like in generations past.

The downloads are free. Each month This Old Workshop will be releasing 2 or more issues so keep coming back for more. You will need a PDF reader. If you don't have one you can find Adobe's PDF reader HERE.

Everyone here at This Old Workshop would like to thank our readers for making the Deltagram project one of our most popular features. Lance has a huge  collection of them to post so we will keep adding new ones every month


Wanted your deltagrams if you have any deltagrams we are paying cash for the ones we need to complete this online archive please email lance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange the sale and the publication of your deltagrams to share with the world.

Download this file (deltagram-vol 9-1.pdf)deltagram-vol9-1.pdf[New!! Deltagram October 1939 Magazine rack Gate leg Dinette table bird house occasional table and more]14220 kB
Download this file (deltagram-vol 9-2.pdf)deltagram-vol9-2.pdf[New!! Deltagram November 1939 Type writer desk Unit cabinets modern table laundry basket and more]14441 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol1-1.pdf)deltagram-vol1-1.pdf[January 1934: See where it began in this very first Deltagram]9467 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol10-3.pdf)deltagram-vol10-3.pdf[ Deltagram Dec 1940: includes Gun cabinets, gun racks, sewing cabinet and more...]17585 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol13-4.pdf)deltagram-vol13-4.pdf[Deltagram March-April 1944: Includes a fernery, compact checkers game, bird houses, turningd and more...]14187 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol14-4.pdf)deltagram-vol14-4.pdf[Deltagram arch-April 1945: Includes plans for a folding chair, clothes hangers, walnut arm chair and more...]15901 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol15-1.pdf)deltagram-vol15-1.pdf[Deltagram Sep-Oct 1945: Includes plans for a tool cabinet, bird cage, clothes pins, picture frames and more...]13988 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol18-1.pdf)deltagram-vol18-1.pdf[Deltagram Dec-1948-Jan 1949: Includes plans for a modern chair, chest of drawers, duck call, shaker set and others...]15592 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol18-6.pdf)deltagram-vol18-6.pdf[Deltagram dec 1948-jan 1949: Includes plans for a garden lounge, ring water gane, nitting bowl and more...]12443 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol30-6.pdf)deltagram-vol30-6.pdf[Deltagram Nov-Dec 1961; Includes plans for a spinning wheel lamp, giant chess pices, a steeple case clock and more]23957 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol34-1.pdf)deltagram-vol34-1.pdf[Deltagram Jan-Feb 1965: includes plans for a bunk bed with a chest of drawers, sewing cabinet and others...]22468 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol38-3.pdf)deltagram-vol38-3.pdf[Flying Chips May-June 1970; includes plans for a water wheel mill, china cabinet, modern desk unit and more...]24907 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol38-4.pdf)deltagram-vol38-4.pdf[Flying Chips July-Aug 1970: Featuring plans for a glider rocker, simulated stone gate posts and more...]22735 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol4-3.pdf)deltagram-vol4-3.pdf[Deltagram December 1932: Plans for a waste basket, Mr. Duck, Plywood Projects, Spinning wheel and more]14579 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol41-3.pdf)deltagram-vol41-3.pdf[Flying Chips May-June 1972: Includes a feature on Shaker furniture, plans for a pedistal table and more...]32758 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol41-4.pdf)deltagram-vol41-4.pdf[Flying Chips July-Aug 1972: In this issue we continue the feature on the Shakers, plans for a armless rocker and more...]26629 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol41-5.pdf)deltagram-vol41-5.pdf[Flying Chips Sept-Oct 1972: The Shaker series continues with plans for a ministry dining table and more...]29070 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol41-6.pdf)deltagram-vol41-6.pdf[Flying Chips Nov-Dec 1972: In this the final issue includes plans for a turned vase, 8 track tape holder, panel doors and others...]26190 kB
Access this URL (http://www.thisoldworkshop.com/deltagrams/deltagram-vol7-4.pdf)deltagram-vol7-4.pdf[Deltagram January 1938: plans for a maple breakfast set, spiral candlesticks, Novelties and more...]14752 kB



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