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Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

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Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw




When I was a lot younger, I worked as a framer in the summers while I was finishing High school and when I got out of the Marine Corps. I remember using a big worm-drive Skilsaw that weighed a ton and was an accident waiting to happen when up hanging trusses or cutting 2x4s. Let’s face it, those giant saws were overkill and now let’s jump forward 30 years to 2011. It was in 2011 that we were asked to review a great compact circular saw from Rockwell called the VersaCut. The saw was awesome and got a great review from Daniel Carter our former Managing Editor. Please check out the review in our archive. In that review Daniel said something to the effect that if the saw was only a tiny bit bigger you could cut 2x4s with it and how great that would be to have a high powered light weight saw that was accurate and easy to use. In November 2013 we got a call from Rockwell letting us know they had addressed the size issue of the saw and were now releasing a new saw that was made a little differently and with a perfect sized blade that could cut 2x anything. The saw arrived and I was in the middle of a remodel for a friend so I took the new Rockwell RK3441K to the jobsite and in a matter of minutes got it set up and dialed in.   Here is the feature list of this killer little saw:

  • Small, compact size for excellent maneuverability & portability
  • Slim-Line grip design for comfort, balance and control
  • Maximum blade clearance for best-in-class cutting capacity
  • Easy-set depth gauge lever for quick setup and adjustments
  • Left-handed blade design for great cut-line visibility
  • Built-in dust port & adapter allows you to connect your vacuum
    for a cleaner work environment
  • Small, thin blade for less tool strain, resulting in full-size
    circular saw cutting speed and performance

I have done everything with this saw including things that you would use a worm drive saw to do in the past. The model #RK3441K does it all, and does it better than any full size circular saw. I have done work ranging from a plunge cut in drywall to do a big patch, to hundreds of 2x4‘s and 2x8 floor joists, to making rips in siding. The saw offers one hand use that is Ideal for either the professional carpenter or the woodshop for cutting stock to rough dimensions, or sheet goods to a manageable size before squaring it all up. The 4.5 inch saw does it all with no power problems, as with all the Rockwell tools we have tested over the years power is never lacking and in this case this is the little saw that could and the little saw that did. I remodeled a whole house and this saw did close to all the work. With its 5 amp motor this saw delivers and the stock carbide tipped blade makes clean cuts in most materials.

At 5 pounds the saw is light, ergonomic, well powered, accurate and a joy to use. The only thing missing from this workhorse is a laser. We can look forward to that in the first update, and for now I will keep using this little gem. It is simply a great little tool that replaces a 20 pound tool making it the new king of my remodel jobs, and like all of Rockwell’s tools it comes with a three year warranty. Ya have to love that for sure and this one won’t break the bank, it comes in at a C note. Be sure to keep your eyes open for an upcoming video of this and several other new cool tools that you can’t live without.



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