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3D Combination Square from M-Power

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Someone once said "why reinvent the wheel", well if M-Power has anything to do with it then their new 3DC combination square is the reinvented wheel and this is a well designed tool. The list of features and functions make this a tool to have, I am always keeping my eye out for tools that perform as many functions as possible, multi-tasking is something M-Power has gotten right. When I first opened the package I must admit I didn't really know where to start but the more I worked with it the more I discovered I could do with the C3D.

At the start this is a well crafted 9" combination square with clearly marked standard and metric measurements. The blade of the square is fastened in place with hex bolts for trueing up the angle, this is a feature I like a lot, having the ability to reset the blade is handy to say the least. Knocking your square out of true would leave you with a fancy paper weight with the typical square, but the C3D can be loosened up and set to true.

Next set into the handle is an adjustable angle with set lines at 90, 60, 45, 30 and 15 degrees. With the flip of the locking lever it folds out of the way when not in use.

Another feature is the 9” x 2” saddle square, deep range measured marking gauge and bevel gauge. Uncompromised accuracy and genuine functionality allows the C3D to save space and weight in the tool kit and a great deal of time on the job at hand. Allowing you to mark the width and depth at one time means increased accuracy and time savings.

The 2" tang also allows you to mark uneven surfaces like molding for a more accurate layout lines.




A marking gauge holds a pencil for scribing lines. The holder can be easily adjusted or removed if you need it out of the way. The wide flanges on the handle help to keep the square tight against the work. The pencil is held fast in the holder eliminating wobble and increasing the accuracy.

The M-Power states that this is a a square for the professional woodworker, but in my opinion even the home shop wood wright will get plenty of use out of this tool.

I can say that in my shop this square won't be sitting around collecting dust. For a list of retailers and even more explanation of the features travel to their web page at http://www.m-powertools.com or a direct link to the C3D






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