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Bora Anglemaster

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Bora Angle Master Review

            The Bora Angle Master is a unique tool that helps you align your miter saw to achieve perfect fitting molding. Believe me no matter how good you are, your furniture project cases are bound to be off at least a tiny bit. SO if you cut a regular 45 degree slice on your miter saw to mate with another piece and achieve a 90 degree angle, and you’re corner is actually at 89 degrees the molding will have a huge gap. This will leave you standing there scratching your head, saying it looked square. More situations arise when your friends and family know you’re a woodworker. Then they come up with the brilliant idea to have you make some custom molding and install it in their very crooked house.

            It’s times like this when you will wish you had a Bora Angle Master. Its unique design lets you go to the corner you want to put molding on and measure both inside and outside corners. Then you can easily transfer the angle to your miter saw for the perfect cut. No more mistakes no more gaps in the molding vastly improving your work. The Angle Master is made of aluminum and brass and high impact plastic. The design is simple to use and I had it mastered in about 5 minutes. 

            I was asked to replace some molding the floor guys broke when replacing the flooring in my mother’s home. So aside from just testing the Angle Master in the shop I got to use it for a real world setup of molding. Let me tell you it was no where near square. Never the less with the angle master I was able to cut and install all the molding with no need for painters calk to fill in the gaps from poor fitting joints. Another cool feature is the angle readout. It is easy to see and is very accurate, so a quick look and you will know where to start the adjustment of your saw from. The Bora Angle Master retails around $69.95 but it saved me a fortune when I was installing the pretty oak molding in my home, as the entire job had no gaps. This was very refreshing. I will use it on all my case work as well so I won’t suffer from gaps in my miters ever again. I am proud to recommend this tool for woodworkers and finish carpenters alike. The price is fair for a tool that is precise as this tool is. Like most tools made in Sweden, the quality is top shelf. I look forward to more innovative ideas from Bora and after you use this tool, you will too.

Lance The Dude Granum

Bora Angle Master™ Miter Duplicator
Take the guesswork out of difficult miter cuts by transferring the exact angle from the tool to your miter saw or table saw! Simply measure the angle on your project, divide by half and transfer that angle using the Bora Angle Master™ to your saw. Measures internal or external angles from 70° to 180° or a miter angle from 35° to 90°. Has a graduated scale for both corner and miter angles.

Bora Angle Master™ Miter Duplicator

Bora Angle Master™ Miter Duplicator



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