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            I realize some of you are probably looking at the pictured blocks and are thinking: who would ever want to make something out of these god awful colored chunks of wood? Well you might be surprised. I believe that everyone should approach life with a certain amount of whimsy and a good sense of humor. So with that in mind lets explore these products from Cousineau Wood Products.

            After receiving an email showing these multicolored blocks called SpectraPly, I was curious about what I might be able to do with these items. So I contacted Cousineau Wood Products and asked if they would be interested in me doing a test and review on their products. I realize that we typically specialize in tool testing here at This Old Workshop but I wanted to show you these colorful pieces of wood. After a few days I received a positive response to my inquiry and soon a sample box of laminates on my doorstep. The box also included some un-laminated hard wood blocks which you can see in the inset image. Hard wood blocks are also available as well as a few other products, these can be viewed on their site.

            I unpacked the box and looked over the samples. Each piece of the laminated wood was bright and colorful. The possibilities began to fly through my mind. I could make a lot of things from these. Children’s Blocks, toys, or even a colorful chess set. Cousineau Wood Products describe their SpectraPly laminated wood like this;


SpectraPly is the process of laminating premium yellow birch veneer into some of the most vibrant & beautiful color wood material found domestically as well as Internationally. SpectraPly is commonly found throughout the firearms industry as laminated gunstock material, but is also found in the specialty craft industry, wood turning markets, tobacco products, novelty toy industry, health and beauty, as well as food industries. Experience the difference of SpectraPly for the best in color depth, consistency, strength and stability.



The materials come standard 10” wide x 35” long Untrimmed with rough staggered edges and 14” wide x 40” long Untrimmed with rough staggered edges - Useable yield on panel purchases vary slightly depending on equipment and trimming techniques used. Most panels provide useable material 1/2 inch less on length and width from physical panel size ordered. They also offer custom laminates as well as blocks and rounds. You can view their price list on their web page by following this link. (prices are subject to change) http://www.cousineauwoodproducts.com


            Several years ago I was creating wands for children under the name Wizard Wands when they Harry Potter craze was rampant. Recently I decided to create these items once again and put them up for sale on my own webpage. The reason I mention this is because these multi colored blocks would make wonderful wand handles. I plan on offering several of their 28 color selection as options for the wands I create. Another possibility for this material would be as inlay wood for different projects.

            So, I definitely plan on using these laminated blocks and suggest you at least have a look at what they have to offer you might be struck with your own ideas of how to use these.




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