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Paslode 16 gauge Finish Nailer.

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The Paslode 16 gauge Finish Nailer.

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            If you have not been under a rock for the past 10 years or so you will have heard about Paslode. They are the company that broke into the market with a revolutionary nail gun utilizing a propane gas cartridge to provide compressed gas to deliver a propellant to drive the nail. The Paslode Finish Nailer is totally self-contained. It carries its own fuel supply and battery, along with a supply of fasteners. This feature makes them great for job sites. The 16 Ga. Finish Nailer is available in both Angled (900600) and Straight (902000) models. I asked the company if they felt there was a market for them in the home woodworking shop and they provided me with a gun to test and use in the shop. We have used this tool for the past 8 months, with heavy use the past few months.

            I found the nailer is a blast to use and I don’t have to drag an air hose around the shop and over my fine case work. That’s when it hit me most that this is the perfect tool for installing case work in nice homes. No Air hose means no mars or blemishes on the piece you’re working on. The tool is angled very ergonomically and is comfortable to use. It also has a great easy to adjust depth control to set how deep you sink the head of the finish nail. The gas is inexpensive and lasts a long time during use, but does have a shelf life so don’t stock up on this too deeply and be sure to check the date on the bottom of the gas canister. It will save you time and money to buy only what you need for the job at hand.

            I used the nailer in the house to install both crown molding and base board molding. The nailer drives a 2 inch nail deep into hard wood better than any nail gun I have used to date and I find this is the gun I grab first. I do recommend you get a second battery and stock up on nails because this tool is not for collecting dust on the shelf. Once you pull the trigger on it, you will use it almost every time you need to drive a nail. I have found I like this size fastener much better than the brad nail size but Paslode makes an 18 Ga.. Brad Nailer too. I will be adding that to the shop as soon as finances allow, the freedom of movement and lack of damage to your case work cannot be over stated. If you want your job to look like a pro made it then use tools the pros use, the Paslode Finish Nailer is one of those tools. I have used every size of nail they offer for the gun and it is easy to dial in the depth for each one. The nails come in several lengths and types, so it is easy to use the one that is most appropriate for the job at hand. Nailing is nonstop, no waiting for the compressor to catch up to the gun. The gun is made of metal and a high impact plastic. I have dropped the gun a few times and it found it undamaged. I expected this as I do have the framing nailer also and have come to respect its durability. Paslode service is very good also. I have needed to contact them about my framing nailer in the past and they got back to me in a few hours. I would like 24/7 service, but they are a small company and I did get my answer in a few hours.

            If you’re in a small shop, a home owner hobbyist, or a serious woodworker who does built-ins, this tool is for you. It has no serious competition even in today’s crowded market place. The gun has performed without incident, as advertised for the past 8 months. I would say some kind of nail gun is a shop necessity, and if you don’t want to buy a compressor for your shop or if you have a big compressor in the shop and don’t have smaller one for on-site work this tool is for you. I am very happy to recommend this finish nailer and I am sold on the concept of cordless nailer’s for all woodshops.


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