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Fuji HVLP T-Series™Spray Gun

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Fuji HVLP T-SeriesSpray Gun




The new Fuji T-Series gun arrived about 2 months ago and I was eager to try it but had to wait for a project to get to the point when it was ready for finish. We went with the 600 cc gravity cup and used the Q3 turbine unit that we reviewed a couple of years back. The Q3 is a great turbine unit and the other gun worked really well right up to the day I used the new T-Series gun. I could not believe the quality of the finish we were getting off the gun. The T-Series is very well balanced and atomized the finishes we used so well they looked like glass. The T-Series shot lacquer, shellac, and stain and all the finishes went on with the finest atomization. The fan controls gave a well-diversified pattern of spray and shape from vertical to horizontal finally a big job came up to be sprayed and we got to shoot two 18th century cabinets. They turned out so fine that I feel the T-Series has lifted my finishing to a new level.

This Non Bleed HVLP T-SeriesSpray Gun also features the following:

  • Canadian technology
  • 1.3mm Air cap set
  • Center mounted 600cc gravity cup or 1 Qt. bottom feed cup
  • Stay-cool nylon handle (fitted over a metal tube)
  • Metal fluid knob and collar
  • Rear rotating nipple for pressure tubes makes for easier adjustment especially for those who are left handed.

The New Fuji T-Serieswith all these exceptional components is a leader in the market. You will achieve that flawless performance & remarkable outcome every time you use it.

One of the biggest facts in woodworking is that a good finish will make or break your project. Therefore if you cannot produce a professional finish you may be better farming out your finishing to a professional finisher. With the new T-Series Spray Gun, a little practice and a high quality Turbine unit to provide the air, you can do your own finishing and it will look like a pro did it. No runs, no drips, no errors. Simply the finest finish you can get in a small professional or a home woodshop. The T-Series has an indescribable quality of feeling right in your hand and the results are fantastic. This is the second Fuji spray system we have reviewed and we look forward to future reviews with Fuji because the tools are simply some of the finest made and they are quite innovative. We are currently shooting some finishing videos and they will feature the T-Series gun with the Q3 turbine unit. Be sure to check for the upcoming videos.

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