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Fuji Q3 HVLP Sprayer

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The Fuji Q3 HVLP Sprayer

            The Fuji Q3 HVLP Sprayer is a professional grade tool at a home shop price tag. I have had this machine in the shop for a couple of years and was supposed to review it when it arrived. As most of you know I had a pulmonary embolism that nearly killed me leaving me disabled for many months. When I finally returned to work I had a bad fall herniating 6 disks in my lower back. So it has taken me a few months to get my shop set up in our new home and I was able to test this machine to its fullest.

            First I want to say this machine is very quiet compared to a high pressure compressor or other brands of HVLP turbine units I have used. The Q3 PRO and its new replacement Q3 GOLD are made on the same principals and both will provide you with a reliable, fun to use machine that will bring you out of the wipe-on and brush-on finish world. With this machine your finishing will no longer be the weak link in your furniture building.

            Now that I am well enough I have been doing lots of refinishing work, I Have also sprayed some automotive finish with this unit. So far to date I have sprayed lacquer, automotive paint, latex, shellac, and water based stain as well as varnish and several other finishes.

            The sprayer came with a nice rubber hose and a flex hose. The flex hose is a great feature, allowing me to move much more freely than would have been possible with the thick rubber hose. I found the system is easy to set up and it is easy to clean. The Gun is of the finest quality, comparable to my DeVilbuss Professional 2 quart sprayer. The gun came with 4 small cups ideal for small projects, and the one quart cup for larger jobs. Since I was able to do every project within a quart I feel the size is large enough for most jobs. The gun also came with 2 orifices for the gun, one for latex paint and one for everything else. They are easy to change and both work well for the job they are intended for.

            The finish flows very nice with minimal overspray making it a great tool for outdoor use when space is a concern. Every finish I have applied with this system has been successful. I am very pleased with the quality of the Q3 and will be happy to recommend this tool for the serious woodworker.

            Can you live without this tool? Yes you can. Do I want to live without this tool? Definitely not! I have found this sprayer to be the difference in a home applied finish appearance and a professional looking finish. On the projects I work on, finish is the key to selling a great piece rather than a nice piece. If the time ever comes to replace this sprayer, I will replace it with another Fuji as they are simply the best units sold today. The Multi-stage True Turbine unit is without a doubt the heart of the system. Armed with this professional rig, you can get refinishing work to help pay the bills in your shop. I am doing a lot of refinish work now because it is fast and easy to do with the Q3.



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