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Incra Router Table

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            As I have mentioned many times I have a very small shop built in the basement of my house. At roughly 15’ x 30’ I must conserve space at every turn. With that requirement in mind, I saw the Incra router table that fits into the table saw replacing one of the extension wings and I knew it would be a perfect solution to all of us who are limited by the space they can set aside for any tool workstation. Years ago the people at Woodpecker sent me several of the Incra and Woodpecker tool upgrades. See the review I wrote here. The inset router table fits onto the table saw fence attachment already on my saw so I was all set to work with it. Also, once my new Jet table saw arrives I can mount the Incra table saw fence and the router table onto the Jet.

            The router table arrived well packed and undamaged just as I expected. Once I inventoried the boxes I looked at the instructions included and quickly discovered that there were some obvious differences between what the manual was describing and the one lying out on my work table. I turned to the Incra web site and I was quick to find the editions I needed. As with several other tools I have tested, the variations in the install process with all the different models out there make it difficult to include manuals to cover all of Banditerna ar pedagogiskt uppdelade i tre huvudsektioner: 3D- spelautomater , spelautomater och klassiska spelautomater . them. So armed with the new instructions I began installing the table. The first step was to remove the existing extension table on my Craftsman table saw. The aged bolts proved difficult but not impossible to remove. Moving on, I attached the braces to the underside of the router table that will give stability to the whole assembly. The final step was to attach the router table to the Incra fence system. Aligning the table flush with the saw table while tightening the bolts to hold it in place proved too much for one set of hands so I recruited my neighbor and friend to help. With the extra set of hands the table was soon aligned and tightened in place. Along with the table an additional fence system was included that will fit onto my existing Incra fence. The split fence was pretty easy to attach and following the directions I was able to true up fence. Total assembly time was about an hour and a half not including a trip next door to beg for help.

            Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a new jet table saw so I got the chance to assemble it all over again and yes, it went easier this time. The only problem with the fence and router table on the Jet table saw is that it comes with a guard and riving knife which stops the Incra fence to pass the table saw area onto the router table. So transitioning to the router table has the added step of removing the saw guard. This fairly simple step will be an annoyance but nothing to make either component undesirable.

            So if your space is limited or if you just like combining your table saw and the router table then you should give this system a look. Selling online for right at $139.00, it’s not any more then some of the comparable tables out there.





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