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Trend T-5 from Trend Routing Tech.

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            Up on the test bench is a router available only in the U.K. and configured for the European and U.K. style power outlets. Unfortunately it is not going to be available in a U.S. configuration. So this review is up for our friends across the pond.

            Recently I wrote a fairly extensive list of reviews for router accessories. I was able to utilize the Trend T-5 router in a number of those tests and enjoyed its performance.

            The motor is rated at 1000 watts, an upgrade from the earlier model of the T-5 that had only an 800 watt motor. Weighing only 3 kilograms, the T-5 is powerful yet not over weight making it an easy router to use for long periods of time. The T-5 performed very well while I was testing another Trend product, their CDJ-300 Jig, where its agility and power lent itself very well to the smooth maneuverability required for this type of jig.

            The T-5 has an 8mm collet with a maximum cutter diameter of 40mm. I tend to prefer the larger collet sizes because they always seem to be stronger but don’t discount the T-5 because it has the power to slice through work even with the 8mm shaft size.

            The handles of the T-5 are well placed and comfortable to hold during work. Vibration is no more than its competitors. When I was searching online for a dealer of the Trend T-5 I could only find older listings at around £280, so I am not positive what the price will be when it is available again. If you are interested in picking up a T-5, I would email them from their site and inquire as to where it is or will be sold.

The Trend website offers up the following statistics for the T-5

  • Soft-start feature eliminates sudden movement of machine on start up.
  • Spindle lock & hex collet nut allows easy cutter changes.
  • Precision machined one piece multi-slit collet with combined nut.
  • Compact design & low weight make it easy to use especially for intricate work.
  • Adjustable twin rod side-fence for guiding along a straight edge.
  • New features include: increased power, soft grip handles, low profile dust spout and ergonomic spindle lock.

            Having gotten my hands on one of the last of the American versions of the T-5, I plan on reaching for this router often and I can easily recommend the Trend T-5. So if your are in need of a router you should consider this one.





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