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Rockwell 3RILL™

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Rockwell 3RILL™

            The Rockwell 3RILL™ is an impact driver, two-speed drill, and screwdriver—three awesome tools in one. If you only own one drill driver this could be the one for you. The 3RILL™ is wonderfully light in weight and has a comfortable ergonomic handle. Never before has a tool of this size been able to cover such a wide range of drilling and driving applications. In impact mode, the 3RILL™ hammers out 800 inch pounds of torque driving force. When used as a drill, the driving speed tops out at 2,200 RPM. The 1/4" quick-change hex chuck makes changing from drilling to driving bits a snap. In screwdriver mode, the clutch can be set as low as 3 inch pounds of torque. This means the 3RILL™ can drive even the smallest, most delicate brass screws without damage, and then instantly change and drive a ¼ inch lag bolt without a problem.

            The chuck is the ¼ inch lock type that you get with all impact drivers. Critics say it was not as true as they would like, but we found the chuck had very little slop and only a small amount of run out. It was no worse than any impact driver we have tested, but this unit is more. It is a drill and a drill driver as well as an impact gun. The 3RILL™ was able to do impact work in pilot drilled screw holes for about 15 minutes before a battery change was required. We did see a short coming driving screws in long UN piloted screw holes. The 3RILL™ only drove six 3 inch screws in a 4x4 that was not pre drilled. While this would not be an issue for most woodworkers or home owners it would make the tool less appealing to contractors. But let’s face it that is not who the tool was designed for in the first place.

            We were also provided with a great little accessory pack that came as a tool roll secured with Velcro and elastic straps. The roll included a standard chuck and several drill bits and drivers for use in your shop. The accessory kit is about 39 dollars at retail and provides you a complete kit for use in the home. We used this tool for 6 months in the shop and became very fond of its ergonomic handle and light weight and quick charging Lithium Ion battery (only 15 minutes to charge to 75% and 30 minutes to a full charge). These features make this my go to drill in the shop. It comes complete with a nice carrying bag and a really great charger that is easy to use, and has a brilliant display to let you know when the charge is done. Although I would love to get my hands on a more powerful version of this tool, I will always gravitate to this lighter tool. Hell I have 10 drills in the shop many costing 3 times as much, and this one gets used first.

            Add to that a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT BATTERY and your set for many years of un-interrupted service from a drill in the $139.00 price range. All in all I can hardly wait for the folks at Rockwell to make a bigger brother to this great little drill driver. For now the 3RILL™ is in a class all by its self. I feel Rockwell has really delivered on this one. It will continue to be the first drill driver I reach for in my shop.

Lance Granum



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