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Laser Kerf: Guide System

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The LaserKerf system arrived in a small box. Inside were several parts, some wires, a battery box, power adapter and various small pieces. My first impression was oh great, some assembly required. The install was a little bit confusing for me but one phone call to the company had me straightened out. Score one for customer service. I do not count this as a bad feature they simply could not make a manual that covers every type of install for every brand of saw. The Laserkerf comes in models to fit a number of saws and models. The one I was working with is for my Ridgid radial arm saw.Once in place I aligned the laser, which was very easy using the controls built into it, the line shown directly on the cut line of my radial arm saw. The thickness of the line was pretty much exactly the size of the kerf of my saw blade. This looked promising. I mounted the battery box and switch onto the main part of my radial arm saw so it would be easily reached. You can also use the included ac power adapter in place of the batteries, which I plan to do at a later time.



I took several sized boards and every one cut right on the money. The price, at around $60, is pretty good for this type of guide, considering its features. To be exact there really isn’t any competition for this type of saw guide. All of the competitors’ guides are arbor mounted in place of the washer. The features easily outweigh the competition. The ability to line up the cut without the saw running is one of the high points to the LaserKerf system, adding safety to it's features. My only concern is the adhesive used to attach the parts to the saw. I am curious to see how well this will hold up over time, use and the humidity here in Oregon.


Update:5 weeks later and the adhesive is showing no loosening at all, its attached even tighter then when I put it on. The laser line is right where I adjusted it in the first place. LaserKerf has an excellent product here and I am happy to recommend this system. You can spend less money on a washer mounted guide but the ability to see the line before you turn on the saw as well as having the line directly on the pencil mark instead of beside it make this an easy one to recommend.

I would choose the laserkerf’s system over a washer mounted laser any day. It is simply a better guide and stands above the competition that I have seen so far. visit the Laserkerf website, click here








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