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Bora Clamp Edge™ Wide Track HD Straight Edge Tool Guide

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Bora Clamp Edge™ Wide Track HD Straight Edge Tool Guide

Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track HD Straight Edge Tool Guide


I remember the first straight edge clamp I ever saw like this with a single release lever. It was way over priced and only came in a 24inch length. Now our friends at Bora have sent us a set of these to play with in the shop and we would never wish to be without them again. I used to have an aluminum straight edge guide that you had to fix in place with C clamps on each end to rip long boards but the thing was a hassle to use. These new Clamp Edge™ Wide Track HD Straight Edge Tool Guides from Bora come in several lengths and are made from thick aircraft quality extruded aluminum. The integrated locking system never slips and Bora has introduced several accessories including a saw guide to go with this version. After a test market upgrade we will soon cover the saw guide in a separate review, however you do not need a guide to make accurate cuts. All you have to do is keep the saw up tight to the side of the clamp. I also use the clamp for routing grooves, dados and rebates. We were given 3 clamps but Bora offers a total of 5 sizes consisting of a 24-inch, 42-inch, 66-inch, 100-inch, and the most recent addition, the 50-inch model. The 50 inch model is for dividing sheet goods in half. We have been using these in the shop for the better part of a year and they are used on a daily basis. There are some extra auxiliary clamps available that let you hold work piece to the top of the edge guide to help with chores such as finishing, sanding or routing. There are so many uses for these clamps that every new woodworker should pick up a set. They give you great accuracy from a hand held circular saw or a router. I often use this to break down sheet goods while out in the field or when I am working alone. These new wide track clamps have integrated dual “T” tracks so you can utilize a standard 1/4”-20 bolt to slide into the “T” track to use many of your “T” track accessories when you need to. Another bit of great news, I just noticed the other day these clamps are now sold in my local Lowe’s Home Improvement Center so you will be able to avoid large shipping charges for shipping these long clamps. Considering whether this item is a shop necessity, you will be needing accurate straight edge clamps or saw guides at some point in your woodworking so that’s a big yes. These clamps fill the bill quite well and the price is very good compared to some of the first clamps of this type. We would consider them to be a smart buy for a convenient and reliable tool as in the year we have used them they have never slipped, so I am giving these 5 out of 5 stars on my star scale and I am pleased to recommend these clamps. I would like to pick up the additional sizes as having them all gives me the most versatility. 



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